Our Rice Pudding Recipe is Generations Old

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Welcome to Down Home Rice Pudding, we are proud to serve over 150 Deli’s, Grocery Stores & Restaurants in Northeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New York. We are a PA Preferred member and carry a unique selection of rice, tapioca & chocolate puddings which are all GLUTEN FREE with no preservatives! We also offer a line of SUGAR FREE puddings!

We are excited to be members of Pennsylvania Preferred. This is a program of Pa Department of Agriculture that promotes high quality foods produced in our State of Pennsylvania. It has a goal to support our local farmers, promote the purchase and use of PA-sourced products, ensure high food safety and quality standards and demonstrate ongoing commitment to Pennsylvania. We are proud to be a part of this program and encourage you to visit the web site: www.agriculture.state.pa.us We are committed to making the finest pudding products in the marketplace. We haven’t changed a thing; still using the same all natural products, from the same distributors and producing the same Rice, Rice with Raisin, Pumpkin Rice, Peaches n’ Cream Rice, Pineapple Delight Rice, Banana Cream Rice, Orange Cream, “SUGAR FREE (made with Splenda)” Rice, Tapioca and Chocolate Puddings you have come to love.

SUGAR FREE (made with Splenda) RICE PUDDING is now available in stores and restaurants. This pudding is a great sweet treat for many of you forced to count carbohydrates and sugars because of diabetes or the dreaded diet. SUGAR FREE (made with Splenda) has no sugar or salt added and like all our products it is ALL NATURAL, NO PRESERVATIVES.

The ingredients are: whole milk, rice, eggs, vanilla, splenda and cinnamon.

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